From the age of 8 when she asked for a chalkboard for her birthday, Elisa knew she wanted to be a teacher.  That calling manifested into a career spanning three decades of teaching, leading and consulting.

Elisa is the author of the new book Intentional Moves: How Skillful Team Leaders Impact Learning and the best-selling book, The Skillful Team Leader: A Resource for Overcoming Hurdles to Professional Learning for Student Achievement.


Her broad-ranging experience includes roles such as, teacher, literacy coach and assistant principal of instruction in the Boston Public Schools and adjunct professor for teacher action research at Boston College.  As national director at Teach Plus, Elisa built-up and led a program in six cities in which teams of teachers in chronically underperforming schools achieved rapid sustainable gains for students. Elisa has and continues to consult with school districts and organizations, training and coaching educators, and helping to transform teacher, school and district-level leadership teams.


When Elisa isn’t championing students and teacher team leadership, she is on stage acting, driving her twins to soccer and theater, or experimenting in the kitchen, pretending she’s on the Food Network.  Contact Elisa if you want to learn more about Skillful Intentional Leadership, or if you just want a delicious fudge recipe. :-)