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Lead adults in collaboration that results in better outcomes for students.

Some call me, "The Team Lady." Leadership of teams might be what I do, but what I'm about is student learning.

I empower team leaders at all levels in a district, to skillfully and intentionally facilitate collaboration that strengthens  mindset and practice, grows community and school culture, and
 positively impacts learning for all students.

I do this through thought-provoking courses and workshops, strengths-based observations, learner-centered coaching, and sustainable models for building capacity.

A Skillful Intentional Approach to leading your colleagues starts with you.
I'm excited to support you and your school leaders.

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Chief Academic Officer with Principal

Executive VP for Instructional Coaches

"Elisa played a pivotal role in our school being awarded a $900,000 School Redesign grant from the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  She was incredible at leading our Turnaround Team in a meaningful, engaging process that resulted in writing a sustainable improvement plan that was a true representation of what our staff, families and community envisioned for our school. Several years later, we are making gains as we implement the plan."

Brian Turner  

Chief Academic Officer

New Bedford Public Schools

Daniel Bossolt


Roosevelt Middle School 

"...our network of instructional coaches found Elisa's insights to be right on target and they wanted more.  Elisa tailored each professional learning experience to our specific needs and afterwards, our instructional partners, principals and lead teachers shared that it was exactly what they needed to move forward..."


Cathy Gassenheimer

Executive Vice President

Alabama Best Practices Center

Department Chair on Leadership Team

"... the retreat provided an opportunity to discuss, brainstorm and think deeply about our administrative leadership team without distraction. Elisa balanced learning with real conversations, and I left feeling hopeful and optimistic. The retreat solidified that we are high-functioning and it is ok to be on a continuum."


Beth S.

Counseling Department Chair

Newton Public Schools

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