Popular Course Offerings:
  • The Skillful Team Leader: Fundamentals for Emerging Leaders (Best for 1st and 2nd year leaders w/coaches)
  • The Intentional Team Leader: Maximizing Impact and Building Capacity (Best for experienced leaders and principals)
  • The Visionary Team Leader: A Mastery Course for Skilled Leaders (Best for district leaders and principals)
  • Custom courses for your unique needs.
Educate your leaders with highly interactive courses that strike the right note between theory and practice.

Your training has transformed how I think about problem solving in schools, whether it's math, team meetings or social and emotional learning.  I am less intimidated when dealing with challenging issues and have a whole new perspective about how to operate in schools.


-Georgia N., Math Teacher Leader

"Elisa is an excellent instructor. She is knowledgeable, articulate, organized and that's in regard to what she teaches. She listens with purpose to what we say in class and then adapts her teaching to meet the needs of the group."

-Len S., K-12 Professional Development Coordinator