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Develop Team Leaders
with courses and leadership coaching.
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Also available to take without graduate credit.

Give your team leaders the support they deserve. 


I believe in creating a robust system of supports where teacher leaders, instructional coaches, department chairs and curriculum coordinators learn how to lead collaboration that strengthens teaching practice, enriches school culture and improves learning outcomes for all students. 


Let's discuss how I can bring a course to your school or build a teacher leadership training and development program so that your team leaders have the support they need.

​Offering courses where team leaders learn how to:

  • Design engaging, purposeful meetings and professional development

  • Lead meaningful collaborative inquiry focused on student-centered challenges

  • Nurture a community of vulnerability-based trust and shared responsibility for learning

  • Launch instructional change initiatives that teachers can get behind

  • Prioritize goals for your department or team

  • Set meaningful student-learning goals and action plans for individual teachers

  • Design and implement learning walks and peer observations

  • Lead formative data analysis with colleagues such as looking at student work

  • Interrupt bias, assumptions and unsound reasoning when engaged in discussion

  • Cultivate diverse perspectives and flexible thinking when problem solving as a group

  • Manage conflict and foster constructive conversations that build trust

  • Understand and navigate resistance to change

  • Facilitate text-based discussions and protocols

  • Reflect and set leadership growth goals

"This course... transformed how I think...  I am less intimidated when dealing with challenging issues and have a whole new perspective about how to lead my team."

- Georgia N., Math Teacher Leader


"Elisa is an excellent instructor. She is knowledgeable, articulate, organized and that's in regard to what she teaches. She listens with purpose to what we say in class and then adapts her teaching to meet the needs of the group."

-Len S., K-12 Professional Development Coordinator

"As a new district leader, I have benefited greatly from Elisa's support. With her guidance, I am now better equipped to mentor the teacher leaders in my department. I consistently use her framework for planning meeting agendas. She also worked with me to develop strategic goals and priorities for my department that are high-leverage and actionable. She has supported me in thinking through challenging leadership decisions around staff changes and implementing a practice of analyzing data and student work in my district citywide meetings... I have enjoyed working with Elisa immensely!"

- Joelle P., District Coordinator Middle School ELA/Literacy 



"I think I learned the most by just observing Elisa lead us. Elisa is so clearly masterful at this craft! While I was asked to fill this (teacher leadership) role, as opposed to volunteering for it, I think Elisa provided the supports I need to be successful."

- Jesse C., Science Teacher Leader


"I really enjoyed the course - it is somewhat out of my comfort zone and Elisa made it feel really safe."

-Michelle F, Middle school teacher leader


"Elisa helped to validate and support the direction I wanted to take my (team of) teachers in as we embarked on remote learning. She helped me to make leadership decisions that positively impacted teacher learning and practice."

- Crystal S., Content Instructional Leader


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Instructional Leadership Coaching

For teacher leaders, instructional coaches, department chairs, curriculum coordinators, any educator who leads an instructional team, and the leaders who support them.


*First session free for new clients. Additional coaching packages available for purchase. 

"This experience was so rewarding on so many levels. It was the first time that department meetings had value and I looked forward to each meeting. Elisa's coaching was superb and sorely missed when it was over... Every school system should have an Elisa MacDonald."

- Mary B., Science teacher leader


"Elisa me truly hear what's hard, for supporting my learning as an evidence-based decision maker, and for pushing my practice as both a coach and a facilitator of adult learners. Elisa nudged me beyond my comfort zone to improve my leadership and I am forever grateful."

Daryl C., Director of Curriculum and Instruction



Elisa always responds with meaningful ideas. For example, I created a presentation for TCT on the purpose of anchor texts and how to identify best texts. Elisa provided valuable feedback on the presentation along with how teachers can utilize anchor texts in ways I had not yet imagined. After the PD, Elisa brainstormed next steps with me on how we can revisit the work in the Fall. Elisa's support has greatly improved my work. She is an incredible resource.

-Nancy H., Content Instructional


"Elisa is tough and kind at the same time. There's no doubt she's going to push the work when the work needs a good shove, but she manages to do so with grace, twinkly humor and above all, an unwavering belief that we have the potential to get it right."

Lisa L., Director of Accelerated Improvement 

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