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Leading a team means more than running meetings. It’s leading collaborative learning for continuous improvement. Like effective teachers in the classroom, skillful team leaders decide what they are aiming to achieve and make small, intentional moves to produce powerful learning outcomes for teachers and students. 

In this long-awaited follow-up to her best-selling book, The Skillful Team Leader, acclaimed educator Elisa MacDonald presents nearly 150 effective moves, organized by intention, for any educator who leads a team.

In this book, you'll find strategies to lead with purpose and direction, including how to:

  • foster an inclusive environment and strengthen team trust

  • interrupt bias and cultivate diverse perspectives

  • navigate resistance and manage conflict

  • facilitate data analysis

  • lead peer observation

  • assess your team’s collaboration

Written in a practitioner-friendly format with a light tone and relatable stories, this is a must-have book for all team leaders and those who support them in your school.

"...written in a clear, practitioner-friendly style, this book provides team leaders with an array of useful strategies to address common team hurdles and realize the promise of powerful collaborative learning."

Jim Knight, Author of Instructional Coaching 

"... one of the best books I have read in a long time... opened our eyes to the way teaming works most effectively and the ways we were trying to 'team" that were ineffective... 

I just keep learning every time I pick up this book..."  

- Kala Carlson, Instructional Partner

"... extremely useful to support department heads in a transition towards collaborative inquiry in Toronto District Schoolboard! It addresses the HOW for teams to move together. Thanks for writing this awesome resource!

- Julie Vander Meij, K-12 Learning Coach

"No matter what situation a leader or coach finds themselves in, the answer is going to be somewhere between the pages of this text..."  

- Roxie Ahlbrecht, Math Intervention Specialist

"... an indispensable guide for me and my leaders. MacDonald has masterfully drawn from her own experiences and from experts in the field to create a practical resource for anyone involved in leadership development or wanting to improve his or her own leadership skills."

 - Emily Becker, School Innovation Partner

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