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Optimize Leadership and Teacher Teams

 with a thought-provoking retreat.


Strengthen your teams so they collaborate at their best and impact student learning.

District and school leadership teams set the tone and expectations for teacher-led teams in the building. Strengthen the function and impact of your leadership team with a personalized retreat.


Elisa has led retreats for superintendent teams, department-chair teams and instructional leadership teams that build-off of team strengths and propel teams forward.

Because each retreat is customized, Elisa will invest time interviewing and surveying you and your team members, observing a meeting, and working with a retreat planning subcommittee. In the retreat your team will engage in meaningful honest conversations and leave with a plan forward that builds off of your team strengths and targets an area for growth.

Support teacher teams with customized training that optimizes their collaboration. Teams learn their specific collaborative strengths and target their growth areas so that they can function as a cohesive group and achieve their goals.


Teams in a retreat learn how to..

  • Gain clarity of purpose and roles

  • Develop empathy for one another's diverse viewpoints and identities

  • Grow in emotional intelligence

  • Improve group decision-making

  • Work through interpersonal conflict to engage in constructive disagreement

  • Gain effective teaming tools that can also apply to the teacher teams you lead

  • Assess team collaboration and target areas for improvement

  • Foster vulnerability-based trust and shared leadership for learning

  • Become a cohesive group focused on teaching and learning

"High quality! I have seen tremendous growth among principals and department leaders."

-Sue C., Assistant Superintendent

"I so appreciated the way in which (Elisa) provided candor and insights to working with our leadership to support our teacher teams."

-Chia-Chee C., Head of Middle School 



"Elisa did a phenomenal job! She purposefully and skillfully brought in a diverse group of stakeholders to develop a day of intentionally crafted activities that led our group of department chairs to a productive and realistic outcome.  I feel more hopeful now about our team than I have in a long while."

-S.F., Department Chair Team Leader


"Elisa took on an impossible job (with our leadership team) and handled it with incredible professionalism and humor."

-Bonnie H., Principal


"I felt that the level of vulnerability was just right, not so risky that people reacted defensively and enough so that we could get further along as a team. I hope we might work with you again some time in the future, perhaps as a "booster shot" next Winter?"

-Department Chair


"It was a good day and Elisa was incredibly skilled. I think we all showed up ready to work and we definitely had many good take aways."

-M.C., Department chair

"This is my first time in my almost decade of experience teaching in this district, that we are TRULY collaborating and basing our work on how students are responding and NOT only on how we are feeling as educators.  As Elisa would say, I'm experiencing a team that is both functional and having a positive impact on student achievement - Quadrant 1!"

-Courtney S.P., Math Teacher Leader

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