Maximize Team Impact

on student learning


Re-charge your leadership team and teacher teams to be high-functioning and high-impact.

Your district and school-level leadership teams set the tone and expectations for all other teams in your building. 

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Source: Intentional Moves: How Skillful Team Leaders Impact Learning by Elisa B. MacDonald (p18).

When I first work with a school, educators in the room inevitably think of me as "the team lady." She’s here to work with leaders to help our professional learning community teams be more productive. She’s going to help our multi-grade-level team align curriculum. She’s going to teach us how to deal with people who show resistance. While leadership of teams might be what I do, what I am about is learning.


Teaming is the vehicle; student learning is always the outcome.

~ Elisa MacDonald. Excerpt from Intentional Moves, page 3.


I can facilitate a retreat for your leadership team or teacher team to learn how to:

  • develop empathy for one another's diverse viewpoints and cultures

  • surface and address bias and assumptions

  • improve group decision-making

  • adopt productive and efficient facilitation tools

  • assess team collaboration and target areas for improvement

  • nurture a culture of community, shared responsibility, and vulnerability-based trust


Elisa, you did a phenomenal job! You purposefully and skillfully brought in a diverse group of stakeholders to develop a day of intentionally crafted activities that led our group of department chairs to a productive and realistic outcome. Thank you. I feel more hopeful now about our team than I have in a long while.

-S.M.F., Department Chair Team Leader

This is my first time in my almost decade of experience teaching in this district, that we are TRULY collaborating and basing our work on how students are responding and NOT only on how we are feeling as educators.  As Elisa would say, I'm experiencing a team that is both functional and having a positive impact on student achievement - Quadrant 1!

Courtney S.P., Math Teacher Leader