Strategic Planning
  • Set key desired outcomes, strategic initiatives and action steps for your school.

  • Design a robust teacher team leader training & development system.

  • Develop a meaningful MA DESE aligned School Turnaround Plan.

"Elisa is tough and kind at the same time. There's no doubt she's going to push the work when the work needs a good shove, but she manages to do so with grace, twinkly humor and above all, an unwavering believe that we have the potential to get it right."

Lisa L., Assistant Principal 

Elisa has been an invaluable resource for me and my department. She is an engaging, responsive presenter with a knack for modeling key facilitation strategies and a keen ability to meet teachers where they are at in their professional learning. I appreciate her ability to think strategically while also addressing the day-to-day minutiae of school life and interpersonal dynamics that shape implementation. I have enjoyed working with her immensely.


Joelle P., ELA Middle School Coordinator