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Envision Teaching & Learning
with team strategic planning.

Unite leaders, teachers, students, and families in envisioning your school's future.

When setting mission, vision, and values for your district or school it's key to engage all voices in the process. Not only does this help people "buy in" but it makes for a stronger vision and plan for the future.

I have partnered with school leaders to facilitate District department-coordinator teams, Turnaround School teams, Instructional Leadership Teams, and School-site councils in soliciting stakeholder input to craft meaningful guiding principles for Teaching and Learning, mission and vision statements, school improvement plans, teacher leadership models, and award-winning grants.   Let's connect so I can support your strategic planning work.

With team strategic planning learn how to:

  • Craft meaningful mission, vision and values statements representative of educators, students, families, and community members.

  • Formulate Teaching & Learning guiding principles across disciplines.

  • Articulate a 3-5 year plan with desired outcomes, key action steps and indicators of success.

  • Write a grant with multiple stakeholder input.

  • Design a robust teacher leadership and/or coaching model with training and support.

  • Boost collaborative engagement and partnership between and among educators, students and families.

"Elisa played a pivotal role in our school being awarded a $900,000 School Redesign grant from the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  She was incredible at leading our Turnaround Team in a meaningful, engaging process that resulted in writing a sustainable improvement plan that was a true representation of what our staff, families and community envisioned for our school. Several years later, we are making gains as we implement the plan."

-Brian T., Assistant Superintendent and Daniel B., Principal


"As a new district leader, I have benefited greatly from Elisa's support. With her guidance, I am now better equipped to mentor the teacher leaders in my department. I consistently use her framework for planning meeting agendas. She also worked with me to develop strategic goals and priorities for my department that are high-leverage and actionable. She has supported me in thinking through challenging leadership decisions around staff changes and implementing a practice of analyzing data and student work in my district citywide meetings. I appreciate her ability to think strategically while also addressing the day-to-day minutiae of school life and interpersonal dynamics that shape implementation. 

     Elisa is an engaging, responsive presenter with a knack for modeling key facilitation strategies and a keen ability to meet teachers where they are at in their professional learning. Elisa has been an invaluable resource for me and my department. I have enjoyed working with Elisa immensely!"

- Joelle P., District Coordinator Middle School ELA/Literacy



Joelle P., ELA Middle School Coordinator

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