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Support your leaders with invaluable feedback and implementation support.

"Thank you for helping me truly hear what's hard, for supporting my learning as an evidence-based decision maker, and for pushing my practice as both a coach and a facilitator of adult learners. You nudged me beyond my comfort zone to improve my practice and I am forever grateful."

Daryl C., Director of Curriculum and Instruction

This is my first time in my almost decade of experience teaching in this district, that we are truly collaborating and basing our work on how students are responding and NOT only on how we are feeling as educators.  As Elisa would say, I'm experiencing a team that is both functional and having a positive impact on student achievement - Quadrant 1!

Courtney S.P., Math Teacher Leader

Examining student work with the "bucket challenge" was something everyone enjoyed and resulted in great collaboration. Loved this! I only wish we had done this so many years ago. Being a teacher was once such a solitary activity and it made it so much more difficult. It was so energizing to engage in this process.... Thank you for initiating all of this and providing such great guidance.


Mary B. , Science Teacher Leader (Teacher for 40 years) 

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