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The Best Advice of 2023

Words of wisdom I received this past year that I'm carrying into the new year. (Inspired by NY Times article.)

If you are a people pleaser

Not everyone is going to love what you say or do. Stick to your truth. Accept constructive feedback. And to the people who you can't please, remind yourself “They are not my peeps.”

- Rebecca Arnold, Leadership Coach


If you are a little too hard on yourself

“Your perception of yourself isn’t always accurate so trust the perceptions of those who know you well.”

- Ashot G., Teacher


If something is difficult and you are deciding whether to stay or go

Ask yourself, “Is this a sign or is this a test?”  

A sign signals that you've reached the end. Move on. 

A test tests your character - there is something more for you to learn. Stick it out.

- Sarah D., Director of Science K-12


If everyone is driving you crazy

“The feeling is probably mutual.”

- Bill Chappell, Atlanta (I pulled this one from NY Times article 12-30-23)


If things don't go as you planned

“Make it work.”

- Tim Gunn, Project Runway reality show

Happy New Year!


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