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Virtual Coaching Terms and Conditions


Coaching sessions: Elisa MacDonald will deliver six 50minute individualized 1:1 virtual coaching sessions to the coachee. Additional sessions must be purchased separately.

Scheduling:  Elisa MacDonald will reach out to coachee to schedule the 6 sessions at a mutually convenient time. Sessions are best scheduled once a week, same day and time, for 6 consecutive weeks. But the 6 sessions can be used anytime within 3 months of the first meeting.


Cancellation policy: No refunds are given for cancelled coaching packages or missed sessions, however, Elisa MacDonald will reschedule any missed session within a  3 month period from the first virtual meeting.


Virtual access: Coaching sessions are only conducted virtually. Coachee must have access to their own computer and be able to access Zoom.  Elisa MacDonald will use her paid Zoom account to conduct coaching sessions. Coachee will have access to and the capability to download video- recorded sessions 1 month beyond the coaching cycle. 


Book purchase: Coachee is required to purchase Elisa MacDonald's book, Intentional Moves: How Skillful Team Leaders Impact Learning. This book is a core reference text in the coaching cycle. The book IS REQURIED AND NOT INCLUDED IN THE COACHING CYCLE PRICE. A coachee may purchase this book directly from Elisa MacDonald or Corwin or Learning Forward or Amazon or any major retailer.

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