Engage your leaders in highly engaging learning that will leave them wishing the day was longer.

"Elisa is a terrifically talented and knowledgeable leader of professional development for teachers, teacher leaders, and school administrators. She is detail-oriented and highly skilled in structuring adult learning to engage educators and help them reflect upon and change their practice."


-Toby R., Assistant Superintendent (Newton Public Schools, MA)

Offering customized, in-person and virtual professional learning.

Microbursts (1.5 hours), Half-day (3 hours) and Full Day (6 hours)  

Popular Programs For Teacher Leaders and Coaches Who Lead Teams:
(With some Principal participation recommended)
  • Leading Teams of Adult Learners: Essential Understandings
  • Essential Facilitation Tools for the STL
  • Developing High-Impact Goals
  • Powerful Team Discourse
  • The Work of High-Impact Teams
  • Leading Collaborative Inquiry
  • Looking at Student Work as a Team
  • Leading Protocols Effectively
  • Leading Vertical Teams
  • Sharing the Lead for Learning
  • Understanding Change & Responding to Resistance
  • Developing a Growth Mindset About Those You Lead
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence in You and Others
  • Designing Systems of Support for Team Leaders
  • Designing Powerful Teacher-led PD
Popular Programs For District leaders, Principals and Coaches who support teacher leaders:
  • Developing a Teaching and Learning Vision for a District or School
  • Building Capacity; Mobilizing others to lead
  • Sharing the Lead with Teachers
  • Culture Building & Communication
  • Big Picture Overview of Skillful Team Leadership
  • Understanding Change & Responding to Resistance
  • Leading a high-functioning, high-impact school instructional leadership team
Popular Programs For Classroom Teachers and Instructional Coaches
and Partners:
  • Common Core English Language Arts
  • Readers' and Writers' Workshop
  • West Ed's Reading Apprenticeship
  • Positive Behavior Management
  • Engaging Learners Through Movement
  • Teaching Shakespeare Through Drama Games
  • Building Confidence and Presence Through Drama